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I have worked with Steve and the Industry Insights team for a number of years and have always been impressed by their ability to understand the issue that needed resolving through their knowledge of the industry, their ability to connect with people, even in confrontational situations and develop plans to resolve the issue.

Steve and the team have worked with me and my teams on difficult and market sensitive projects both in the UK and internationally, on one occasion helping us to win a large new territory.

One of the projects involved going into an overseas business unit, understanding my team, the magnitude of the problem they were facing, the loss of their largest customer.

Steve was able to grasp the nub of the issue and then using a mix of diplomacy, industry networks, data, strong interpersonal skills, spending time with the client and a good deal of tenacity recovered the situation and saved the client.

Steve and the Industry Insights team have skills beyond their core industry knowledge and competencies, they understand and enjoy working with people and making them part of the solution.

Dave Shepherd, Director, DJ Shepherd Advisory Services


1 I knew that our repair network was under performing in many areas but I didn’t know how to get under the hood of it and finding the right expert to review it and report back was a challenge. Industry Insights and Steve in particular was recommended to me by my colleagues in the UK and within a matter of days I knew I had the right man for the job. Steve brought a wealth of practical experience and industry best practice to the analysis phase of the project that very quickly identified the root cause of the challenges and subsequently delivered for us a comprehensive transformation plan that delivered significant financial value to the bottom line and restructured our network proposition.

I’ve dealt with a lot of consultants in my time and Steve would appear to be one of that rare breed, an authentic expert in his field but also someone who can mobilise quickly yet retain a wonderful ability to bring the stakeholder community with him. His tact and diplomacy in managing a broad range of stakeholders has kept this project running smoothly. He is accessible, very user friendly and completely committed to delivery of the best outcomes for his clients. 2

Alan Hunter, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Ireland